Old Mutual Risk & Disability Benefits

Old Mutual Risk & Disability Benefits

Old Mutual Group Assurance is a trusted name in risk benefits, with well over R2.5 billion of insurance premiums annually, covering more than one million South Africans.

With 23% of the South African insurance market, Old Mutual is one of the most respected providers of group risk products in the country. And it’s not just us that say so. Group Assurance has once again been recognised as the top service provider of group risk products in an independent survey.
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From 1 March 2015, an amendment to the Income Tax Act will standardise the tax treatment of insurance policies.
See the Group Assurance E-brochure or the Group Assurance Product Brochure for more information. You can also download and print the Group Assurance Forms.


With a passion for consistently delivering industry-leading investment, risk benefits, and retirement fund solutions, backed by an absolute commitment to service excellence, Old Mutual Corporate is a trusted financial partner to a broad range of public and private businesses and institutions, from SMEs to large corporate and intermediaries.
In addition to our traditional employee benefit solutions, Old Mutual Corporate has a wealth of experience across a diversity of corporate clients in customising solutions and risk management tools to deal with the liabilities companies are required to reflect in their balance sheets for activities which extend beyond their core business activities.


Family Cover is designed to provide quick access to cash to help meet the costs associated with a funeral. The baseline cover is for members of the group, but it’s easily extended to include their spouses and children.


The death of a breadwinner can be devastating for those who are left behind. Group Life products seek to provide financial security at such times. Insurance cover may take different forms depending on the requirements of the group.


Income Protection products provide a monthly income for employees who are occupationally disabled for a short or long period due to illness or injury. Hospital and maternity cover can be linked to income protection as these situations also impact on income generation. A lump sum disability benefit is available on its own or in various combinations.


Critical Incidents helps with the cost of surviving a health shock such as cancer or an organ transplant. The generous maximum lump sum cover amount and the various levels of cover enable groups to tailor the product to their individual needs and budget.


Our customers are central to our product design and day-to-day operations, such as tendering for new business, reviewing existing business, underwriting, assessing and paying claims. We also reach out with the Funeral Support Service and the Travelling Nurses, taking our service directly to customers’ doorsteps.